Studio claims they've been "Hoodwinked"

Studio claims they've been

Variety is reporting that Kanbar Entertainment is suing The Weinstein Company for not making a new release date for "Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil". Kanbar, which made the sequel, is claiming that TWC didn't consult them about changes in the release date (it was originally scheduled to open on January 15th). Also, the two sides are battling over changes in the film. One things for sure, we can say goodbye to that September 3rd release.

I think it's great that Kanbar is suing. If I was in this position, I'd do the same thing. What might happen after this is a "direct to dvd" release, which is a better route than just throwing it away, or waiting even longer for a release in theaters.

At least I got my Burger King toys coming out while they were available when the film was supposed to in January. Maybe I'll have to make my own movie. According to the article, there were also some production problems. I just hope the movie is released at some point.

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