Over The Hedge (PG) B

Over The Hedge (PG) B

"Over the Hedge" is an animated comedy based on the popular newspaper comic strip. In the movie a racoon named R.J. needs to gather-up a lot of food in a few short days to avoid being eaten by a bear. And so he talks a group of forest creatures, including a turtle, a skunk and a squirrel named Hammy to join him in going "over the hedge" and into a new neighboorhood of homes so they can get some human food.

The voice talent is led by Bruce Willis, who does the voice of R.J. Gary Shandling, Wanda Sykes and Steve Carrell are also in the cast. Carrell steals the show as Hammy, who has most of the funny lines. And he gets to burp his ABC's.

The movie starts a little slowly, but when The Verminator shows up to try to catch the critters things really pick-up.

"Over the Hedge" is rated PG. Nothing to worry about for you parents. Most kids and even most adults should enjoy it.

On The Official Kid Critic Report Card, "Over the Hedge" gets a B. It's not as funny as the first two Shrek's, but it's still a nice job by Dreamworks.

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